Sunday, July 03, 2005

"The American Dream"

Globalization & Neo-Colonialism

I posted the following rant as an attept to violenty express the voice of world progressives.
My first attempts of voicing my opinions were obnoxious and loud to try to convey the importance of global events and pull attention around them. Unintentionally my blog quickly became descriminating itself making a hipicrit out of me as i endorsed everything I critized; just as violence promotes more violence.
I'll be the first to admit i'm not a great writer and I apologize for any insult or injury its message carries. My intention is not to descriminate or judge the American public in anyway.
The citizens of the United States have been lied to just as much as any other country in the world.
It is my belief that the Information "Matrix" in the 21st century has only evolved to Government control and cencorship of popular media and information in society; inevitably constructing public opinion.


Time and time again history has proven that Money and Power blacken mens hearts and twist their minds as they self indulgently pursue their vision of Utopia. But peoples personal opinion of what a perfect Human society should be changes from person to person. One Governing Body isn't suitable to Govern the world.
Yet for some disturbing reason 260,000,000 United States citizens cheered while the United States Government launch a 4 day pre-emptive bombardment of 240 kg bunkerbuster cluster bombs and Tomahawk cruise missles onto a highly populated civilian area then invaded with a ground force of 200,000 into a Third World Nation. Calling all those Nations who do not support these actions Cowards while they embark the mass genocide of what was an allready disarmed nation Via Operation Dessert Storm.
Sadam Huisein denied the continuation of United Weapons inspections because the United States sold them weapons then took them back. After Dessert Storm Sadam Huisein had returned Saudi Arabia to almost a 100% emplyment rate as the country began exporting oil. Once they Had Aquired some funds he obviously also turned down International Aid. He was and always will be regarded as a Hero and a Messia to his people.
Not allowing a country to Defend itself is 100% War Crime and holds the definition of what George Herbert Walker Bush calls the War On Terror.
The United States Government and Media Network Slandered Sadam Huisein and stated he starved his people when the harsh reality is the United States Pre-emptive bombing campain of Operation Dessert Storm decimated the Sadi Arabia farm fields with bombs and napalm. Then proceeded to poison their water supply and sent them International Aid supplies such as powdered milk bringing famine and disease to a now decimated country.
The United States now occupies the Middle East War profiteering the Iraqi Oil Industry and practicing Evacuation Drills twice a week in preparation of a Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike against Korea.
All the while Sadi Arabia becomes another star on a flag created by the minds of the white facist british Imperial Royal Navy who were deserted after the Napoleanic Wars A Social Democratic Union of the Revolution that crushed the once Vast British Empire which oppressed africa, turned Australia into a prison then proceeded to discover wage war and colonise North America. This is why Napoleon still to this day is considered a Strategical Genius. Even Much of the Western Portion of the United States was Purchased from Napoleon.
History hides the Brutal Scars of what the Dark ages and medieval times forged to make way for modern society and what the Mass Genocide of the Future will surcome to if Human Society cannot turn away from the sadistic hold of Finance, Power, control of information and War Profiteering in the Name of Imperialisation. The United States Declaration of Independance and the United States Flag were created by British White Suppremests with african,spanish,french and asian slaves. The Star Spangled Banner bears the colors of red and white subconciously spelling Blood and White Power and a star is added every time a Lesser Nation is Assimilated, holding the medievil phylosify of "They came they saw they conquered."
Obviously being the reason that the rest of the world burns it every 4th of July.

"Where do bad folks go when they die
They don't go to heaven where the angles fly
They go to a lake of fire and fry
See them again on the 4th of July"

-Curt Cobain

The World is Fighting to turn away from the Era of Fossil Fuels and Profiteering while the United States Fight to Increase their Profit margine and raise their Capital Dollar.

Here we are in the Twenty-first Century helplessly watching yet another Human Culture is "Oppressed" by a "White Suppremest Imperialistic Power". Who's country is the opposite of independent and who's Rich illustrious lifestyle is nothing more than the "Spoils of War" A Nation that FORCES its POLITICAL GOALS upon another society through MILITARY POWER is called an Empire. And when its POLITICAL GOALS are RACIALY and FINANCIALLY motivated its called a "HATE CRIME" or WAR CRIME/CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY And don't be mistaken an EMPIRE is exactly what the United States intends to build. Expressing no COMPASHION FOR HUMANITY, CONCIENCE nor sense of WRONG or RIGHT the FACIST WHITE SUPPREMEST IMPERIALISTIC POWER known as the United States Government has yet again SLANDERED and OPPRESSED another HUMAN SOCIETY. Justifying 3000 American lives lost in a plane accident the United States Launched a 4-day bombardment of a heavily populated CIVILIAN area killing upwards of 100,000 innocent people. Proving Once again they will not only STEAL another cultures land but HUMILIATE and GENOCIDE their NATURAL WAY OF LIFE. Never in my life did I really think I would be so glad to live in the Great White North (THE GOOD SIDE OF THE BORDER) Now realizing that only 195 years ago to this Canada Day that 10's of thousands of Canadians gave their lives to stop a MASS AMERICAN INVASION for the CIVIL RIGHTS and FREEDOM we have today. We Truly are free. To the South are 260 million Brainwashed Nazi Capitalists who will Point Certain Death in whatever direction their CORUPT GOVERNMENT points its twisted finger. How Quickly ANITITERRORISM turns to TERRORISM. Now is the Time that Canada must Stand up and let our voice be heard, We are one of the GREATEST INDEPENDANT MULTICULTURAL NATIONS IN THE WORLD who practice FREE TRADE and promote FREEDOM and PROSPERITY throughout the world. We must not forget our HERITAGE and allow ourselves to be ASSIMILATED by the "Nazi Capitalists" who now feel they are fit to rule the world. I Refer to the United States as NAZI CAPITALISTS for the simple fact that they're government has launched a MINDWARPING PROPEGANDA scheme and committed such attrosive CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that it can only be compared to the HOLOCAUST in reality the United States have been the AXIS OF ALL EVIL for the last 250 years. Originally British CONQORERS who launched a RACIALY and FINANCIALLY motivated War against a New Found North America Landmass. Which lead to the near GENOCIDE of an entire HUMAN CULTURE. (The "Indian Wars" not in American History!) But to what eventually turned on its MOTHERLAND Britain. Then Canada for not joining its Cause. Trying to Assimilate Not only our Culture but Land and Finances. The United States now denies its Eastern origin and Considers itself a Western Culture as it has continued to ASSULT the rest of the FREE world since. Using FACIST BRAINWASHING NAZI PROPEGANDA to gain their populations support and financial backing. The United States Government has never Been invaded nor has another culture tried to assimilate them yet they are committed to SPENDING BILLIONS and killing THOUSANDS to fight every United States INVASION to the "last ditch" in order to expand their borders and achieve their political and economical goals.

Yet somehow the American Public thinks they are PROTECTING THEMSELVES!?!?

The American public has watched COVERUP after SCANDAL and COVERUP after CONSPIRACY and yet still never questions their Governments Morals or Motivations...They blindly follow in a SLAUGHTER THE COW fashion while their TAX DOLLARS are spent on the MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTING of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION instead of HEALTHCARE and EDUCATION! Yet Americans claim they fight for FREEDOM!?

· In the 20th Century there is only ONE "TERRORIST ORGANIZATION" and it is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. The American Citizens need to wake up and realize that their Government WELCOMES and BRINGS WW3 to the Human Race so they can CONQUER it!



Blogger Zach Felker said...

God Bless the Freedom America helped protect for every country in the world so you can shout your mouth of without naming a single source. Silly Liberal

4:50 PM  
Anonymous flowergirl said...

George Herbert Walker Bush is not the current President Bush.

1:10 AM  
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Anonymous LJ said...

THE GOOD SIDE OF THE BORDER! How dare you! Who are you to judge? We try to save lives and you come along and call us murders! And about your comment saying we had no right to leave Britain, it happened in your own country.Like their counterparts in Upper Canada, in 1837, English and French speaking residents of Lower Canada, led by Louis-Joseph Papineau and Robert Nelson, formed an armed resistance group to seek an end to British colonial rule. Their actions resulted in the Lower Canada Rebellion. Wikipedia encyclopedia. Don't you know your own history. "Yet somehow the American Public thinks they are PROTECTING THEMSELVES!?!?"
This is a stupid comment you put here. 911 ring a bell. September 11, 2001. Convient that you leave out the thousands of innocent lives lost that day. What are you saying, we deserved it? Get off your high horse and feel ashamed of your self. We try to help and save lived and murders your call us. Your stupidity appauls me. Your narrow mindedness is a terrible thing. You are a hypocrite and should be pitied. We fight for justice not land or power as you accuse use of. I am PROUD to be a American. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

3:11 PM  
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Blogger Spatchcock said...

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4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, what a douchebag. most of the comments are spambots! what a lame vinegar & water solution you are!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lj: 9/11 was the work of your own government man..

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I maybe an american but I am far from a captialist nazi. If you ever reconsider to look outside the box of OUR government and not think that some americans actually agree with George Bush and his family on this stupid rampage, then hey more power to you. But if you enjoy the idea of reinforcing the sterotype. Hey, that's your business. The goverment, maisons, and other higher power people in this country, are represented for this country, and which is understandable someone that is not living in this country may depict that we are for the goverment. But that is not true. I am sorry that you feel that 240 million people in the United States agree with what is going on. I actually like what you said in your blog, until you included 240 million (wow, I said it again) on this rampage. Have you ever considered how the war has effected us? Do you think we're actually getting something out of it??? No, mostly blood for oil, is the main factor to ol' georgie boy in the white house.

"Why don't presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor.."

system of a down...

Wow and you quoted Curt Cobain. Wow ironic...

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be so over dramatic, saying that we are worst that the Holocust, were just hypocrites and a bunch or procrastinists just like the next country...hmm, what about the Invasion from the Japanese army of China during WW2?

Hey wait let's flashback to the present, how about other countries defiling human being for the own personal use?

It's because the United States is suppose to have "An American Dream" but we as Americans don't even know what the American Dream is now presently.

I thought you are disgusted with Americans, so why did you quote one?

11:02 PM  
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Anonymous steve said...

i hate to say it but you got no facts straight and just pretty much rambelled on through out the whole think i wish i really could get motivated to pick it apart but i have grown board of telling the right wing nut jobs and the liberal hippies when they are wrong because both sides just dont fucking listen

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic American, Hope Iran and North Korea hurry up their Nuclear Program to Defend themselves from American Aggression. Hope to see Washington turn into ruble very soon

10:18 AM  
Blogger Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

Raise high the Banner of Songun in a diplay of Juche ferver. Dear Leader grows impatient with the warmongers and the imperialist hooligans in the west. Even you so called progressive liberals are nothing but reactionary lackies to a pig dog loving regime. Long live Dear Leader, Long live Juche. Move to DPRK now and know real freedom in a workers paradise.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Lee Ji Sun said...

I appologize for the guy above me. It seems he has been drinking too much soju(korean beer). He'll be better after he throws up.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Bush orchestrated 9/11 for his own political and military gain. Look how much his wicked government has gained by milking 9/11 for all it was worth. The sooner the two-party system comes to and end, the better. Get rid of those war mongers in the White House and a real democratic society may emerge hopefully.

1:14 AM  
Blogger pyang said...

Your blog is #1 correct. Down with the imperialist fascist american government. Bush kills innocent people for his financial gain, again and again, yet the world does not fight back... until now.

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5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

while the iraq war may not have been 100% justified, you seem to have reached an amazing level of disconnect from reality, spelling, recent history, and pyschology/sociology. i hope that this blog is a troll blog, otherwise you need to lay off the pipe and start actually researching that which you criticise and make HUGE sweeping generaliztions about.

1:15 PM  
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Anonymous Acamas said...

Glory to America Hail Bush!

7:53 PM  
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I do not like president Bush he is a lier.

12:15 PM  
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